Welcome to Mason Dixon

Let the football begin.

Let the taps run freely, the wings simmer, and the mayhem ensue. The season of all seasons is upon us, Miami, and there are plenty of stellar venues around town where fan can don their colors and cheer on your favorite football teams, both college and NFL.

Assume that most of these bars are Dolphins fan friendly, and also consider that many of the obvious suspects are left out. Was a favorite team or bar left out? Shoot a note to the Eater tipline to share favorites.

I share the anxiety of James Moore. He and I both love American football and we feel bad about evidence that players avoid brain damage. He still looks at me (mostly). No, this is surprisingly difficult. It’s the only sport I’m interested in.

I love the combination of athleticism and intricate tactics. It’s ridiculous. But did not any sport? It stopped and started talking people. That’s the point to make time to replay and see what happens and why. Because the 11 players can block all 11 on the other side, the complexity of each play is like chess.

But due to the defining features of the game, brain damage is inevitable. Many players fall into each other as points of the game and can not design a head injury. Helmet was developed in the year. 1950 to try to protect the players. But helmet collisions cause the most shock.

This year, many teams are experimenting with a new type of helmet with a slightly raised outer layer instead of a solid plastic shell. These helmets break when they clash over cracks and have deep shelves inside. This is progress and should reduce the damage. It can not be eliminated. The laws of physics mean that if both bodies collide, the brain shakes in the skull.

NFL American Football for Dummies

Jim has the right to say that evidence about the risk of brain damage remains unclear. A study that was told in July that 110 of the 111 in the brain of a NFL player who died showed signs of damage were either self-chosen or at least chosen by relatives of dead players. Other studies that attempt to overcome this problem, often using a small sample, turned in 2009. However, when an NFL-funded study identified professional footballers as having dementia and Alzheimer’s disease It is not possible to claim that the link between football and sustained brain damage has not been proven.

Extensive list of Bourbons on display.

At home and on the shelves to collect all the bottles, there’s this: a central “bourbon, beer and rock” set up for a cruise to the oak tree this fall. Brandy One Barrel Bar is a work of love that is made by a veteran musician who is a bumbling bartender and a man of integrity.  “I want to expand my alcoholism beyond vodka,” said Marc Schapiro, co-author of The Sour. While noticing Marker Marker’s ambassador, Rob Morton, who happened during a cross-country move as an auspicious opening signal, Ciancio’s partner may take care of the hamburger menu. the North “We want to have the widest list of Bourbon in the city,” Schapiro added. The One Barrel group saw the band closely linked to live music. “Sort of Hangouts with a headline / aftershow” Follow the progress of opening the bar here.

Ride the mechanical bull.

Most motorized cows come with a rope handle or leather straps for the driver to catch the best. Many people like the rope that holds the leather because it is easy to release if you fall down the cow. However, metal catching on a bull can be very negative. Moving forward on the metal handle can cause injury and you should avoid riding these mechanical robots.

Use your dominant hand to catch the rope, handle or strap. Keep your hands free to help you balance. We recommend a tight fitting.

Special Note: If the bison you are riding has a fixed mount, make sure the palm of your hand is facing up. This is important for two reasons.

It gives your body the movement you need during a mechanical cow ride.
If you fall out, it will release more cleansers if you hold the handle.